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16 October 2017 | Posted in: External News

ICHS Information - Facing forward to immuno-oncology!


International Clinical Hyperthermia Society: “Hyperthermia, Natural Medicine, and Health Maintenance & Cancer Rehabilitation”

Facing forward to immuno-oncology!

35th ICHS Annual Conference (www.ichs-conference.org)

November 24th-26th 2017, Ghuangzhou, China, ICHS & WFCMS-SCNT Conference Office, Clifford Hospital


All papers must be submitted by attachment in electronic word format to email (zrlfwyh@126.com). Please state the “Topic- nationality- author’s name” in the email subject include your name, institution, title, occupation, mailing address, postal code, email and mobile phone number in the email main body.

All papers must be submitted in Chinese or English. Chinese papers with Chinese main text must provide both Chinese and English abstracts. Otherwise, they will not be accepted. For English text and numbers, please use Times New Roman font with Size 12. English papers must be submitted with English abstract of fewer than 500 words.

We are waiting for Oncothermia and Integrative Chinese Medicine (TCM) related posters.

Please don’t forget to fill in the registration form.

Please complete and return the form before October 20th, 2017 via email or fax.

DEADLINE for SUBMISSION is 31.10.2017.